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24 Hour Worldwide Alarm Monitoring

Part of the 24hr Solutions Group, our Alarm receiving centres work 24/7 monitoring systems that give you piece of mind. We provide dependable fire, intruder, water and flood detection, asset tracking, temperature monitoring and much more. We provide reassurance that intruder and fire alarms, as well as other signals, are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Activation signals are sent to our monitoring centre, where they are filtered for false activations that are neither crime related or caused by genuine intrusions or fires.

We provide a complete solution to alarm monitoring which is 100% adaptable, receiving signals in a variety of formats from IoT devices, sensors, plant equipment, technical equipment, wearable devices as well as traditional fire and intruder signals.

We also take monitoring from CCTV systems, BMS, Access Control, Automotive, Plant as well as remote control room operational control for shift hand overs, multi sites, staff absence etc because the ARC is part of the 24hr Solutions Group, the ARC station is supported by the teams of engineers and facilities that The 24hr Group has to offer. This means we can supply and install the equipment, sensors and alarms as well as service, maintenance and monitoring.

Just another service from 24hr Solutions that makes your life easier. From a single house, personal alarm or medical alarm through to a business with sites around the world….. 24hr Solutions ARC are here to support you. Please feel free to look through the ARC services we offer or give our offices a call for more information.

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