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Charity & Corporate Soicial Responsibility Services

Charity & Corporate Soicial Responsibility Services

We know the importance of giving back. 24hr Solutions believe in giving back and taking responsibility for our actions. We are very proud to be charitable sponsors, fundraisers and spokespeople.

Charitable Activities

We encourage all our staff to take part in charitable activity throughout the year and actively support them in their endeavours. In addition to raising money through charity events, we offer our services to charitable organisations and a scaling reduction in rates.

In addition to the above, 24hr Solutions, through its racing team, ‘Team 247’, is raising money for Help for Heroes. Utilising the car and personnel, 24hr Solutions will be bringing the racing to everything from Schools and local events, to national exhibitions and shows.

If you would like to know more about any of the events we are taking part in, would like to know more about the racing, or make a donation please email

Phil and Help for Heroes – What’s the link?

24hr Solutions Races to Help Others, It was in August 2016 that Lilian Hazel lost her fight with Alzheimers and passed away.
She lived her life without extras, without the ability to have a disposable income, yet she always gave to charity. Lilian Hazel was also known to the Director of 24hr Solutions as Grandma. Her and Phil were very close until her death in 2016. It was sorting out her things that Phil noted that on her walking stick was a Help for Heroes sticker. When he looked into it, he found that, despite not having any kind of disposable income, she gave every month to Help for Heroes, supporting the men and women who look after us.

It was at this point that Phil decided that he wanted to do his bit too. To help support Help for Heroes, to raise awareness of the brand and what they do and to actively fundraise in support of this great charity. In 2018 24hr Solutions were granted to be Charity of the Year status for Help for Heroes and have been actively fundraising ever since.

If a 90-year-old lady with no income can give to charity then I’m sure everyone can spare something. Please donate what you can, either change in a bucket, a text to donate, or just find and like on social media………

If you do one thing positive today, support Help for Heroes.

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