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24hr Auto Solutions

How intelligent is your car, van or truck? Imagine having a mechanic sat in the glove box all the time? Imagine a truly intelligent car that interacts with you?

24hr Auto Solutions is exactly that. It’s a simple device that is plugged into your car, van or truck and enables our mechanics to remote into your OBD at a moments notice, diagnose faults, reset errors, read data streams and pull off live data to assist in the diagnosis of repairs.

This system works with cars, vans, trucks, busses and from a single device to fleet management, we have it all covered.

On average this device will reduce breakdown recovery dramatically and enable the vehicle to continue under its own steam safely until it reaches the workshop at the end of the day.

Speak to one of our 24hr Auto Solutions staff today and see how much this can save you on breakdown cover, roadside assistance and most importantly – inconvenience.