Fire Alarms Services
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Fire Alarms Services

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Imagine a fire alarm system that is monitored by a real-life person 24/7 365. It would make things safe yes?

24hr Solutions have got exactly that. We can either add monitoring to an existing system or install a system that will include monitoring… anywhere in the world and for any type of building.

We monitor fire alarms, sprinkler systems and gas suppression systems as well as custom systems and fire premises access logs. This means, should the alarm go off, we can see who was in the premises and forward this data to both the site, fire wardens and emergency services.

Our UK based ARC (alarm receiving centre) means that your premises is being monitored against fault, fire and tamper 24/7 365. Add this service to our service and repair facility means you have a fully functioning, fully monitored system that is managed remotely and ensures you’re both insurance and H&S compliant.

In addition, because we receive signals from all over the world, should you have several operational premises, even in separate countries, then we can both manage your signals and also notify other centres within your company to ensure that anything that can be transferred from an operational business point of view, does.

Not only that, we can tailor the alarm monitoring for your specifics. We are a fully versatile, real life monitoring station that operates from anywhere, monitoring fire signals from anything……

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