Fire & Security by 24Hr Solutions Ltd, London

Fire & Security

Fire & Security

Skyresponse, 24hr Solutions and CSL have entered a partnership to create a unique alarm service. Thanks to the DualCom Pro range from CSL, Skyresponse’s cloud-based alarm management platform and 24hr Solutions’ technical expertise and monitoring station, this is a unique turnkey solution for alarm handling – worldwide.

This turnkey alarm solution is sold, maintained and operated by Global Alarm Monitoring, part of 24hr Solutions.

The customer-led solution provides personalised service for each and every client, which ensures that the services, responses and communication channels are exactly as required. It is added to the 'often challenged but never beaten’ 24hr Solutions Group pricing motto, which means that it is offered to the whole market and not only to a key clientele.

Speak to one of our Sales and Support staff for details on signing up with CSL Fire and Security monitoring services through Global Alarm Monitoring.