Loan Working, Flood, Power & Refuse Services
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Loan Working, Flood, Power & Refuse Services

Loan Working, Flood, Power & Refuse Alarm Monitoring

As well as the usual, Fire and intruder alarm monitoring, 24hr Solutions also offer monitoring of custom items.

Obvious items of monitoring include:

• Loan Worker
• Flood
• Power
• Refuse

Although these are the obvious additional alarms we are requested to monitor, we also have the facility to add custom alarms to our system. If we don’t have the infrastructure or technology to monitor your item then we will do our very best to produce the technology to enable us to monitor your service – and at no cost to you!

Its with this promise that we publicise our commitment to ensuring monitoring excellence as well as outstanding customer service.

We can supply loan working monitored alarms that are linked to our 24/7 control room and monitored by real life people. There units work anywhere in the world and monitor 24/7 365. This means, if you have loan workers who travel for business, you can ensure their safety all the time without any down time or interference when they change location. We can also use the same technology for personal attack alarms, personal response, medical and many more.

New for 2020 we have partnered Skyresponse to provide a loan working app for your phone. This application loads onto your existing mobile phone or tablet to ensure 24/7 monitoring.

Please call 24hr Solutions on USa - +1 347 627 0474 or UK +44 (0) 208 819 3117 and discuss your needs with one of our specialist team.

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