Intruder Alarms Services
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Intruder Alarms Services

Intruder Alarm Monitoring

Imagine a security system that is monitored by a real-life person 24/7 365. It would be secure yes?

Well 24hr Solutions have got exactly that. We can either add monitoring to an existing system or install a system that will include monitoring… anywhere in the world and for any type of building, vehicle, field – we can monitor anywhere.

Not only that, we can tailor the alarm monitoring for your specifics. We are a fully versatile, real life monitoring station that operates from anywhere, monitoring intruder signals from anything……

All alarm response plans are created to reflect each site's unique circumstances with the opportunity to develop further response plans to adapt to evolving needs.

If you own more than one site, business or personal, then we can, not only ensure that all sites are secure, but also put together a schedule system so we know access times to ensure an additional level of security.

For fully secure premises like cash centres or areas that have timed access requirements, we can automatically set and unset alarms, or even restrict the ability to gain access through doors with auto alarm functionality.

The ability to supply this level of security is second to none and means we can provide a fully bespoke solution to both your alarm needs as well as ensuring a fully secure, insurance compliant solution anywhere in the world.

Call one of our alarm specialists on USA +1 347 627 0474 or +44 (0) 208 819 3117

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